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Jestine says:

African indigenous personality blog in history,
our mates are most probably fans and addicts of hers and therefore it serves as a key suggests
by which they are informed and we are influenced if we happen not to be readers.
The summary of the challenge that took her down (temporarily) is this tweet by a specific figure who suddenly appeared from
obscurity. Persons nonetheless don’t get
it, this Linda problem is not about credit, it is about searching
for permission just before usage. For the media publishing that the problem is Linda
not giving him credit you are incorrect. Perhaps she has
in the past been attacked for not giving credit, but not so in this case, at least
according to the man at the helm of it. He wanted extra from Linda.
He wanted her to ask him very first prior to utilizing something on his TL (Time Line).

He can sue me now for posting this comment he produced.

Yes that is what he goes right after. It is a trouble. Am I guilty
of this variety of “plagiarism? I am. I have posted comments and photographs from people’s TL’s giving them credit but not asking them for permission 1st. Do I intend to start out searching for permission initially? H’ no. Sue me. I can’t waste the time emailing you and waiting for your response. By that time the news will be expired. It is just ridiculous except exactly where the individual has explicitly stated that “no copying my stuff” like Punch, shall I leave it be.

Hilarious Methods Nigerian Mothers Make Conversation With Young children

Likes Re: Linda Ikeji Launches New Website’s by Mbkite(m): 11:34am On Oct 09, 2014 missberrypop5:

Linda understands her market place superior than most give her credit for

Nothing at all fantastic comes easy

When the application seems click on it and adhere to the instructions to set up it

Death or personal injury brought on by LIS’s negligence

This Web site will be constantly accessible, or readily available at all or

Else I will copy and post in great faith and with credit offered. It can be recalled that lately, in December of 2013, PremiumTimes known as out all main Nigerian dallies for plagiarism. All the flagship dailies had been accused of publishing an Obasanjo letter that PremiumTimes claimed to have been the exclusive recipients of. These respected dailies did not even attribute the letter to PremiumTimes but yet PremiumTimes was mature about it and only publicly embarrassed them for not crediting them with the story. In the attack against the LIB, I see hate, envy, jealousy and desperation. I am not her greatest fan, but I contact it as I see it. Her accuser claims to run “15 Previous 8” media.

He was unknown till this episode that has given him a taste of “fame.” His media is clearly the owner of “9jalife.com” an additional unknown web-site as can be seen on each web pages. Those images we pull off of web sites, that have been pulled off of other web sites so several times we do not know who truly owns them and never bothered to discover out. You see, I would appreciate if a particular person of character brings a tough operating Nigerian down who clearly earned her respect and position but when a desperado throws the tire to mob lynch a commoner, I am irritated. Be a man, throw tires on Goodluck, on Diezani. The crooks who have stolen our whole human rights and our billions (USD) for our survival.

These are the Nigerians who the tires on Aluu4 since they created some errors, then walked to obtain a bag of rice and voted-in indicted criminal Fayose. Mr. Aye Dee whose true name is Mukhtar Dan’Iyan according to his PremiumTimes interview is also connected with a particular Emmanuel Efremov has been confirmed the registerer of the domain name, “LindaIkeji.net.” I checked the whois to confirm this. This is cybersquatting and a crime. I have a job for Mr. Aye Dee and Mr. Emmanuel Efremov. If you are not already functioning for the Presidency… I bet Goodluck Jonathan would be satisfied to employ them. They totally match the Reuben Abati Reno Omokri Doyin Okupe profile of shameless, crooked and lying do-something-to-make-it hounds.

Nowadays bloggers such as Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji, and news aggregators like Nairaland command bigger readership than common print newspapers. Linda Ikeji alone has extra men and women reading her blog than any Nigerian newspaper. Nairaland, founded in 2003 by 20-year old Seun Osewa, claims about 1.6 million subscribers, has numerous occasions far more readers than the combined number of readers of all Nigerian papers place with each other. Nairaland creates no content of its personal. Ultimately I have learnt that success is a lot more effortlessly attainable than Greatness. You could be a prosperous businessman, politician, or skilled but not a terrific. Greatness is not for every person.

But I assume I learnt the secret of greatness, you will only be great if you devote your life, and your efforts, to serving other individuals. The path to greatness is self-sacrifice for the fantastic of other individuals. Let me end by telling the last lesson I have learnt. It is that courage and determination is the answer to the tyranny of history. A history of individual failure can cripple your hope, limit your scope and frighten us into a modest vision.. Our loved ones history, the misery and deprivations of our beginnings, the shame and disgrace of the previous, at times the spectacular failures of the previous are the tyrannical weapons of history. Whipping us in line when we are thinking big, cutting us down to size as our self-esteem rises. Our previous, yelling unworthy! But history, we should remember, is not only a record of the past, it is the past, it is gone. Our future is not determined by history or the past unless we permit it. Your history is not your destiny. You have a opportunity to make your destiny.

Google has restored my blog. About 24 hours immediately after it was deleted. I hear it is a record. Commonly it requires weeks or even months for Google to restore a deleted weblog. But we are special right here! The individuals who took it down knew what to do. You get a number of strikes on blogger and immediately after that it is automatically deleted. It is automated, programmed to operate that way. Thanks LIBers, you guys rock! Make confident you study the next post coming…! The blogger had in her response alleged that her blog was hacked down by google due at the instance of enemies and hackers and not out of allegations that she has been plagiarizing.

Goodle in response denied that hackers were the complications that triggered the shutdown of lindaikeji.blogspot.com. The Punch newspaper had established this by way of a response it obtained from the Google’s Manager for Communications and Public Affairs, Anglo-Telephone West Africa, Taiwo Kolade-Ogunlade. Copyright is a significant deal and this is why you can not just go and choose up a different person’s intellectual property or content and lay claim to its ownership. I don’t know if Linda picked up any content and I do not know what content is the bone of contention-neither have I looked into the complaints personally. Let’s respect other people’s rights and intellectual property. Making dollars off other people’s content devoid of permission is wrong. Despite the fact that the Web is inanimate, it is the content material on it that offers it life. These are the problems.

Ever considering that Linda Ikeji bought the 2014 Range Rover Sports Supercharged for N24,000,000 a few weeks ago, a lot of noise has been made about how this young lady definitely makes her cash. And it didn’t take long just before individuals started comparing Linda Ikeji’s blog with Nairaland, and debating on which website tends to make extra money. Some people that are ignorant of how dollars is created on-line have it at the back of their mind that Linda has to be performing one thing else to spend the way she has been spending. I’m going to attempt and make this as effortless to digest as attainable. Nairaland has far a lot more guests/page-views than Linda Ikeji weblog, but most of the folks that come on Nairaland drop very childish comments, even on very significant threads.

This may well be a lot of entertaining for the regulars on Nairaland, but significant advertisers would go with an additional solution for the reason that of the singular issue. Go on Linda Ikeji ideal now, and the whole landing web page is packed with Ads. She has Google Adsense ads on her blog, as well as ads from direct advertisers. The entire left and appropriate sides of the weblog is filled with square and rectangular box Advertisements these are Ads from direct advertisers. And according to her 2012 interview with Toolz (on The Juice), she stated it cost N300,000 to have those advertisements up on her blog for a month (30 days). Do the math yourself, I don’t want to scare you. Also, through the similar interview with Toolz back in 2012, she mentioned the Ad in the background of her blog expense the advertisers N1,000,000 for a month.

At the time of my writing this post (30th day of September, 2014,) there is an OMO Ad with red background on her weblog. This is not even all. Each and every day, Linda puts up posts advertising a specific new artists, or product, and she gets paid N50,000 for these sort of promo. I have watched her the last couple of days, and she puts up at least 4 of these every single day. That is N200,000 effortless, each day. This alone must let folks comprehend the earning energy of the brand this lady has created. I will leave you to decide no matter if or not Linda Ikeji’s weblog tends to make much more money than Nairaland or not. You do not even will need to study this write-up to the end to know the answer to that.

You could ask how these affects the earning power of a website. Let me clarify this. Nairaland is filled with highly intelligent persons (even even though they like to act childish most occasions), and most of them know a lot of how the Internet operates, and with time they turn into “blind” to Ads. Producing income with a web site is all about traffic, but that traffic also has to covert highly. The greater the CTR (Click Via Price), the far better for both the publisher (owner of the website), and the web page owner. Let me give you a individual instance. I have a certain book I sell that a lot of guys want. I sell this book on the net as an eBook and promote it by means of Google and Facebook.

Often I may not have cash on my credit card to pay for Advertisements, so I would leave comments on Nairaland with the hyperlink to the sales page of the book. I did this for about six freaking weeks earlier this year, in a sub-section on Nairaland exactly where the information and facts I was promoting is really required, and I didn’t make One sale. In August, I decided to try Linda Ikej’s comment section. The extremely initially week I started it, I sold two copies of the book. I have sold 7 copies so far of the book, and the book goes for N5,000. I Really like YOU. LOL! Linda Ikeji is a former model,
and had a couple of pals in the entertainment planet
just before she even went into Blogging.

This helped her on her come-up, and it is nonetheless assisting her.
Her face is recognized in the society she is far more of a celebrity blogger now than anything.
On the other hand, the incredibly recluse introvert, Mr.
Seun Osewa is, most instances, sitting at the back of his method
in his household on the outskirts of Lagos, monitoring his web-site.
Under is his image. I am confident 7 out of 10 folks reading this (not talking of the regulars on Nairaland) are seeing his
face for the initially time. Believe about it, what sort of stories do majority of persons in any
community prefer to hear or read about? What they Will need to know, or what they WANT
to know? Serious details, or GOSSIP? Men and women want to know about the most current vehicle in Kcee’s garage or no
matter if or not Tiwa Savage is seriously separated from her ‘manager-turned-husband’ or who who Flavor is at
the moment dating.

The history of blogging sounds like any other ’History of’
– not really exciting. But blogs, an on-line platform exactly where individuals share
info and opinions, give some of the most exciting reads these days.
Hundreds of millions of blogs about politics,
business enterprise and entertainment exist on the Planet Wide Internet,
how do you pick out which ones to study? For quite a few African readers, looking for
the most recent ‘gist’, gossip and celebrity news, it’s an quick decision. The Linda Ikeji blog is now a household name and undeniably
one of the most lucrative, exciting and usually controversial, blogs
in Africa. The blogger behind the medium, Linda Ikeji, is herself a fascinating

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